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Technical product development with a solid foundation in precision engineering and a flare for mechanical ingenuity.
smooth driving

The ‘Control P.A.L.’ (Pitch And Lean) is an instrument for giving immediate quantitative feedback of the G-forces acting on a car. Primarily intended to be used as a performance driver learning aid for the control of weight distribution, it is also an excellent every day coach helping with smoother, safer, greener driving.

The rapidly changing information is conveyed to the driver with a simple bright LED display, easily perceived in peripheral vision, and a series of increasingly frenetic beeps.

The success of the instrument is down to subtle manipulation of scale, sensitivity and damping; and an enclosure that rigidly attaches to the windscreen of the car.

200 units designed and made in-house.

ControlPAL soldiers

Latching suction cup mechanism ensures secure and rigid attachment to the windscreen.

ControlPAL Display

The original brief was to power the units with the in-car cigarette lighter. An additional clip-on battery pack was added later.

Battery Holder

Development models: progress from simple mechanical device to analogue electronics to the final digital version.