cunning mechanical product engineering
Technical product development with a solid foundation in precision engineering and a flare for mechanical ingenuity.

The focus of our design process is on model making and prototyping. Just make one and see what happens. Sometimes we need to machine parts with +/- 0.02mm tolerances. Sometimes we can get away with cardboard and bits of string. Sometimes it helps to use CAD and rapid prototyping.

New ideas need to be made reality as soon as possible because testing an idea can bring surprising results, both good and bad. The sooner an idea becomes a real object, the sooner it can start to evolve. Continually making models and prototypes creates the space and confidence to try out revolutionary ideas, and the evolutionary steps needed to produce simple elegant solutions.

That’s why we spend as much time as possible in our small but well formed workshop - making things.

Please peruse this Portfolio for examples of work. Skills include 2D and 3D sketch development; precision engineering and prototyping; CAD; number crunching; tooling and jig making for manufacture; low volume manufacture; and a good understanding of electronic engineering.